These are just a few of our wonderful client testimonials over the years!
  • Thank you so very much for my healing session with Jewels. I had an incredible experience with a very gifted healer. She is living her gift and I am so grateful to have been able to be in her presence. This has been a true gift. ~Kelly
  • Kekane treated me while I was going through a separation from my husband. We focused on releasing the emotional ties and finding the connection to my true self. The treatment was much more powerful than I could have imagined, My body trembled and radiated with the healing energy. Afterwards, I was transformed, Peace flooded through me, my heart was open, I was able to connect to my core strength and thus gracefully exit my marriage without blame or guilt. – Adrianne
  • I had a morning session with Jewels today and it was great! I was impressed with her professionalism and her healing methods. She had great insights, “positive” perspectives and I learned a lot from her today. It opened up my mind and soul. I am on a healing track and moving to a fulfilling life from today on. ~Dale
  • Kekane, just wanted to write and thank you for an amazing session with you, I have not felt this grounded and centered for some time. It was just what I needed. And so many helpful things to think about in the reading. – Steve
  • Whew! My vibration is through the roof and I haven’t felt this good in ages. Bless you, thank you Kristi. I deeply appreciate the time you spent working with me and my guides yesterday. Very informative and energizing. What a gift you are to me and this world. My heart is open and exploding with rich rainbow colors. I feel as light as a hummingbird feather! You are a miraculous blessing. During the treatment, I felt so full of love I was in bliss. LOTS of LOVE to you!! You are a miraculous blessing. -Diane
  • Jewels is amazing! It was a tuff time in my life with my father being really sick and a job that was going know were and being diagnosed with being anemic and not having a special someone to share life’s gifts with. After the healing session I was amazed on how I felt. It was as if all the doors opened for me and I walked though with such love and  confidence and knowing that it was all going to be ok. My heath got better within a week. I recently met the love of my life and I’m engaged now. My life has made such a turn around. I believe with hope and love and an open mind life changes can be made for all that believe. Thank you Jewels for your healing and guidance and making me believe in myself.
  • I came to see Kekane becuase my husband and I were having problems getting pregnant. One session and I’m happy to announce that we are now pregnant! Thank you Kekane!!
  • STUPENDOUS! The talk story was clear and precise and the energy was out of this world. Great job. A great healing on fear and Oneness. My Anuenue dressed in white , which turned into I, at the center of creation, realizing I was the creator of it all and that I can change anything about my life. Let go of the fear. Kristi, thank you, thank you, thank you. – Steven
  • Jewels is a great help in opening my heart. Work with her is intense and a deep healing experience.
  • At the end of the session, I felt so full of Divine energy that it brought tears to my eyes. Kristi, thank you for your wonderful gift of healing.- Samantha
  • I really enjoyed the session last night; I think my favorite part was the energy transmission as it was at a level I have not felt before. After the call was over I had to sit and just let it integrate for a while as it left me feeling a bit out of sorts. It was great. – Corey
  • Today I died. Then as myself, I was reborn. The spiritual break though that I had been working towards found its fulfillment. Shackles and contraptions that blocked the flow of Spirit changed from hard and impenetrable to loose and brittle, crumbling apart, they slid down a vortex to the center of the earth. Chords of past attachments were pulled free and flung safely beyond my aura. The controlling fingers of others were sent back to them as I recalled the lost energy I had let go. I stepped aside to empty myself, making space to receive god within.
  • Prayers answered! My heart exploded open and uplifted I rose. Crying aloud in ecstasy, weeping tears of love-chocked laughter. Falling away, expanding out, my heart raced to god and was filled to overflowing. waves of bliss rocked me as I floated heavenward. Joy of reunion. I’m home now with my one true love after a bleak and desolate absence. Like sore jaws from too much laughter, my heart muscle ached from so much love tearing it apart. Giddy giggles bubble through streaming tears as I remember now who I am. I am god!”
  • Thank you Kristi for guiding me, teaching me, healing me and assisting this passage. Amen! – Adrianne
  • I want to thank you Kristi with much love for awakening my inner spirit. I feel so different, so young and rejuvenated as I embark on my spiritual journey. Michael
  • I loved this Kristi! The energy was certainly powerful, gentle but very strong. I never have heard you chant, and got big chicken skin especially with the third key change. – Vickie
  • I thoroughly enjoyed our session–thank you so much. It was so very helpful, loving, and positive and will help me exponentially on my journey. I so appreciate your energy investment in me. THANKS! – Simone
  • Within the first five minutes of the session with Kristi, I became aware of how off-center I had become. With a couple words of wisdom and barely a touch, I found my awareness, my self, returning to my body. It was like looking out of my own eyes again for the first time in a really long time. Mahalo Kristi. – David
  • This was the most powerful healing I ever experienced. It was so powerful that I knew I wanted to learn how to do it myself. Thank you Kristi. – Robin
  • What inspired me was not only the energy healing technique, but the way Kristi incorporated her strong intuitive and psychic sensitivities, which took her right to the core of my concerns in a very personal way. After the session I felt at peace with a deeper connection to my true self. – Kekane Respicio
  • Wow!!! Kristi, I noticed a difference right away on the property and in the house too after your house clearing. Thank you! – Michelle
  • Thank you for helping me heal Kristi. Like you said, sometimes all it takes is one session and that is all it took. Since that time I’ve been feeling great and have had no symptoms at all. It is truly amazing if you just let yourself go to the higher power. Thank you again in helping me with your gift of healing and for showing me the way.- Monika
  • I didn’t even mention to you that I had been experiencing pain in my hip for some time now, but since the session, I haven’t felt any pain at all. That is amazing. Thank you Kristi!
    – Tom


Below is a short description of our Master Hawaiian Energy Healing Session. If you are ready to book, you can purchase your session on our store. If you would rather text, call or email, please use the number or contact us link below. Texting is usually the fast way to get in touch with us.
Our Energy Healings are all by appointment only.

In-Person Master Energy Healing Session - $165

This is our most popular session. In a Hawaiian Master Energy Healing session, the Healer has been initiated to multiple traditions of Hawaiian Healing as well as Intuition (Kaula) Training at the Master Level. This Healing is known as Energy Healing where The Healer uses her/his hands, body and spirit to generate healing which she/he incorporates into your body on physical, emotional, mental, etheric and spiritual levels. This helps to create balance and harmony within the body activating healing from within. The Master Healer will customize your session depending on what your intention is for the session. This Healing can be truly transformative. Plan on approximately 60-75 min for your Healing.

Long Distance Energy Healing Session - $165

Same as the Master Healing Session, however, we are not in person with you, therefore it can be done anywhere you are. It is just as powerful and beneficial. This is a VERY common practice with Energy Healing.

This session will be done by phone or Skype. Because everything is energy, we do not have to see you in person to connect with you to perform a treatment. We will consult with you on the phone/skype, as we do in person, then you can hang up or stay on the line to do the session, You get to lie there and receive, enjoy, and integrate the energy. Fabulous!