Hawaiian Vibrational Healing Session

Our Hawaiian Healings are now done by phone/zoom. They work the same way as our in person sessions. The healer will start out with a talk story with you about your concerns and then perform a powerful healing to help you balance in all chakras with a focus on your concern area. You don't need a consultation. To prepare for the healing, we will request your birth date, full birth name and your focus.  The healer will then work with you in spirit before your session and discuss any insights with you at the start. Plan on 1-1 1/2 hours for a session. 

All of our healers are Master Healers. They have not only gone through many classes of certifications, including various healing modalities as well as Kaula (Seer) and Kahuna (Hawaiian Shaman), they have also worked extensively on themselves to hone their skills to bring to you the highest level of vibrational healing energy and insight to your session.

SPIRITUAL ENERGY HEALING is a mystery to many. How it works is by utilizing spiritual energy or mana as we say in Hawaii, or life force energy. This is arguably the most powerful energy for healing and can improve one’s life in potentially miraculous ways.

To many people, energy healing or spiritual energy healing seems unfathomable, not realistic, or woo woo, however, energy healing was around LONG before western medicine was developed. In fact, many cultures today still utilize energy healing as their main form of healing. Quite honestly, using spiritual energy to help you heal can be one of the most powerful experiences you can have that can create results and transformation emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. I encourage you to experience the power of it yourself!


Energy Healing is based on the scientific proven fact that everything in our world is energy that is vibrating at different frequencies. Energy healing is no different. When your body contracts an illness, it is considered an imbalance of energy because your body, at its perfectly balanced state, has a flow of energy that is even and balanced. But when a disturbance happens, it can create imbalance which then needs to be corrected. For example, take a rock being thrown into a lake. When the rock hits that lake, it creates a disturbance and that disturbance create waves throughout the body of water. That disturbance can flow deeper and wider than you may know. Same thing happens in illness. A disturbance can happen, usually on an emotional level - that's because it is our emotions which cause us to feel and it is our emotional reactions which cause energy shifts within us. So when an emotional disturbance happens, the ripple effect of that event can cause imbalances, not only emotionally, but mentally (because you think about it and how it affected you), physically (you may feel how your are reacting to the disturbance) and spiritually. Then, if nothing is done to help release that energy disturbance, it can take root as energy, somewhere in your body. Then, the more you have other disturbances, the more that imbalance adds up and creates blockages - which then create illness. It is usually at the illness state where people discover the imbalance. But the truth is that the imbalance could have happened years ago...and most often has. And that is where spiritual energy healing comes it. We bring in the highest vibration of healing energy you can accommodate to help balance out all the imbalances of energy on physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

The general underlying principle of energy is that the vibrations stem from one of two sources: love or fear. It is fear that creates blockages and love that can heal them. Not love in the human way in which most people think of romantic love - but love as the purest form of conscious spiritual energy - that which is what we are at our most whole state. That is why energy healing can be so powerful - it stems from the highest vibration of love imaginable and that energy healing can help bring one back to into wholeness. It can affect the cells of the body to a point that brings them back into balance and alignment.

Acupuncture, a well known healing technique, works on similar principles of energy - however, they use needles to work with the merdians of energy that are out of balance.

You don't have to understand energy healing to benefit from it. In fact, you don't even have to believe that it can work. You just have to be open to receive the energy and ALLOW the spiritual energy or healing energy to clear the imbalances you have. When you do, this is how miracles happen and we have seen MANY miracles with healing!


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