Fairy and Elf Magic Mediation and Activation

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Fairy and Elf Magic Download

Fairy and Elf Magic Meditation and Initiation Teleclass

This is a pre-recorded teleclass with Kristi Stoll

What I have learned from my trip to Iceland and Ireland is that the fairies work with the magic in the etheric realm and the elves work with the magic in earth realm. And that they can be visible to us to play with and work with (they are very powerful) once we learn how to connect with them!

In this teleseminar, through exercises and meditations, you will have the opportunity to:
• Receive the same activation I received from them to enable to you see into the magic realm of fairies and elves.
• Have your third eye opened to connect with the fairy magic on the etheric realm and learn how their magic can assist you in your life.
• Have your heart chakra opened to the earth magic of the elves to learn how you can create more magic in your everyday life.
• Connect with the faires, elves, or other magic folk as to what you can do to start to connect with them and bring more magic into your life.
• Learn about where they came from and why they are here.
• Discover where to find them in your area.
• Go on a journey to invite them into your own space to assist in reminding you of the magic all around you!

Recommended Essences to assist you: Elf and Fairy Essences

What people said about the class:
My son and I thoroughly enjoyed the class last night. He met lots of new elf and fairy friends. He "saw" and felt them clearly, got their names and he was very happy. One of the fairies he met had them exact same name as one of mine! Isn't that cool?? I was ecstatic with the class. When we entered through the "Elf and Fairy" door, I found myself covered in beloved fairy friends--all over my head, shoulders, arms, and legs!!! They were filled with rainbow light. Delightful. So sweet. I cried! When we went to the place where we'd known the fairies, I went instantly to England to a tiny home with a garden in a beautiful forest in the old (really old) days when big trees covered England. I was so happy. Home! Will found himself farther North--maybe Scandinavia. All in all, it was a wonderful experience for both of us. We are planning to create a nicer space for them here with more flowers and good plants. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to reconnect with our beloved friends from long ago. We are grateful!

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