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5th Chakra Tele mp3

Creating the Life you want from the Ground up - 5th Chakra Teleseminar with Kristi Stoll

Live Recording from a Previous Teleseminar

Wouldn't you like to be able to speak your truth and ask for what you need?

TMost people are typically taught not to speak their truth. They are taught to hold in what they want to say, so as not to offend anyone. Why are we so concerned with not offending other people when what we get in return for that is hurting ourselves. Holding onto this energy builds up in your body and can create other problems. How about if we create some balance in that area for you?

In this teleseminar, through exercises and meditations, you will be guided to:
• Discover safe ways speak your truth.
• Receive exercises to help you build your voice.
• Create balance in ability to say what you want to say.
• Let go of the energy stuck (hurts and pains) in your throat chakra.
• Drop any shields, walls, barriers you have around your throat from this or other lifetimes.
• Remove any cords or other energies you have from other people/places/things.
• Learn to ask for what you need.
• Become aware of and change the perceptions which keep you seeing the world the way you see it.
• Switch your perspective to giving these things to yourself instead of looking for them outside of yourself.
• Learn a technique to communicate with your inner self to know what it needs and start to identify when you are looking for it outside of yourself.

Need help healing your 5th chakra with some extra guidance?

For an additional $99 receive:

One 30 minute Spirit Guide Reading
In this 30 minutes, I will connect directly with your main life guide, introduce you, and bring through important information they are trying to communicate to you regarding all areas of your life. Also, learn how to connect with them on your own to receive life guidance on a regular basis.

"The Spirit Guide reading you gave me changed my life. I now communicate with my guide daily and am able to receive direct communication from her about my life and the steps I need to take. Thank you so much!" Client


One 30 minute Healing Sessions
In this 30 minutes, we will work directly with areas of your life where you have blockages that are holding you back from being who you are. Remember, that physical illness is a sign that something deeper is going on within you. If you are ready, I can help you uncover and heal those blockages so that you can better move forward.

"I feel like a new person after our healing session. With your help I was able to release all that old baggage. I feel to light and invigorated! Thank you so much for your healing gift!" Client

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