Powerful Clearing/Healing/Awakening Meditation and Teleclass




Powerful Clearing/Healing/Awakening Meditation and Teleclass

This is pre-recorded from a live class with Kristi Stoll

This is a POWERFUL session to create healing, balance and awakening in your life. This will be simliar to one of my private healing sessions plus we are going to connect with the Source of Creation to do an Awakening with you as well as work on balancing and aligning with these powerful energies being created this day!

In this recording, you will have the opportunity to:

Clear out any energies that have been stealing energy from you.
Experience healing on body, mind, and emotional levels.
Create balance in your life between Masculine and Feminine sides.
Participate in an Awakening Initiation with the Divine Feminine to assist you in Awakening to the Highest Level of Consciousness that you can.
Connect with the Source of Creation to create what you want in your life!
Join together to expand this healing energy within ourselves then throughout the world and universe!
As well as anything else I am guided to facilitate during the session!

Comments from one of my teleclass:

“I loved this! The energy was certainly powerful, gentle but very strong.”

“I really enjoyed the session last night; I think my favorite part was the energy transmission as it was at a level I have not felt before. After the call was over I had to sit and just let it integrate for a while.”

All fees non-refundable


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