NEW! Project Happiness – Monthly Mentoring Program


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New!! Project Happiness – A Weekly Online Coaching Program to Create Happiness in ALL areas of Your Life!

Ongoing Support to Evaluate, Transcend, and Shift in ALL areas of your Life!

You have been working to better yourself taking different programs…

But none of them seem to create lasting change!

Fortunately, this new online course covers all areas of your life and ALSO helps you look at the resistance you have toward BEING YOUR TRUE POWERFUL SELF! You’ve lived many lifetimes to get to where you are now. It’s time to step up and uncover your superpowers and learn how to live with and from your most powerful state of Beingness. You were lead to this course. PAY ATTENTION! The Universe is speaking to you! You are in the perfect spot to create an amazing life filled with Happiness!

This new online course (participate from anywhere via phone or web) is designed to help Evaluate where you are, Connect with your Strengths, and Move forward to CREATE HAPPINESS. Read on for a look at what I’ll teach you.


* Make NEW Choices – Walk toward making choices that value and honor YOU!
* Change Patterns – Discover new responses for repeating patterns and challenges!
* Feel Strong and Secure – Find inner strength and acceptance!
* Learn Clarity – Have clarity about what happiness means to you and know how to create it!
* Create Inner Trust – Achieve inner strength and develop honest, trusting relationships with yourself and others!
* Sense of Belonging – Have a Safe and FUN Place to Learn, Grow, Share and Belong!
* Discover True Happiness – Come home to the Happiness that exists within you!


* Structure / Weekly Homework of Evaluation, Transcendence and New Courses of Action
* Homework / Learning/Awakening Activities
* Engagement / Weekly Community Discussion Topics and Conversations
* Community / Individuals to Connect with Going through the Same Issues You Are
* Support / Member and Facilitator-led Advice, Feedback and Encouragement – Positive only zone
* Resources / Access to Online Meditations as well as other Member Only Resources


4 MODULES – 4 Weeks in Each Module

* Career/Job – Let’s look at what you have, what makes you feel fulfilled and what you would like to create.
* Relationships – Let’s look at relationships, patterns, what you have learned and how to make new choices.
* Relationship with Self – Let’s look at your relationship with your body, mind, spirit and how integrated you are.
* Health – Let’s look at what your health is trying to tell you and how to shift it.

Get Clear on Where you are. Get Clear on What you Want. Create Something New, called Happiness!

WHEN: Ongoing – start at the 1st module and go at your own pace
COST: $299 for 4 months REG $399 (For the first 20 people)

Weekly questions/course information and suggestions going through the main areas discussed above. Go through them at your own speed. Stay as long as you want. Cancel whenever you choose. I will be taking only 20 people at the $9.99/wk rate. From there, the rate will go up. If you would like to have the tools to make changes in your life, don’t wait, join me in my new online mentoring program:

THE HAPPINESS PROJECT – Live the Life you are Born to Live
Ongoing weekly support for all areas of your life



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