Ascension Consciousness Essence


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Ascension Consciousness Essence

Aloha my name is Ascension Consciousness. I come from higher planes of existence to assist you in ascending to your highest state of human Cosciousness. Use this essence during your dream time to help Awaken you to and experience Higher Realms of Consciousness.

As our earth continues to take on higher frequencies of energy, people will continue to experience Ascension Symptoms (hightened sensitivity, rapid changes physically, emotionally, mentally), changes in relationships, being guided more toward higher purposes, etc.). Allow this essence to assist you in this process to align you more evenly and quickly with the higher frequencies.

Rose Quartz
Crystal Quartz
Gold Obsidian
4 stones from a pyramid in Mexico
13 different flowers

Suggested use: Shake well. Take 7 drops under tongue before meditation or bedtime. This is a powerful vibration.

NOTE: This essence can cause a buzzy feeling in the head and may last for a few hours. Not recommended for use while driving or heavy thinking 🙂

An end and a new beginning. Works mainly with 7th chakra.

Made with: The essence of many crystals and flowers; Apple cider vinegar, vegetable glycerine (as preservative) and Hawaiian spring water.

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