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The Healing Process

Our powerful ancient vibrational healing modality has been passed down over the centuries through a lineage of Hawaiian healers. Ancient Hawaiians believed that dis - ease occurs when the mind perceives separation from wholeness, or Oneness, with the Divine. During your healing experience we give you an opportunity to return to wholeness, thereby removing any blockages or dis - ease you may be experiencing.

The difference between traditional medicine and energy healing or holistic / alternative medicine is that in traditional medicine, they believe the that a symptom is the sign that something is going on in a person's body and they try to treat the physical symptom. In holistic or alternative medicine, we know that a symptom is a sign that something has been going on for sometime and we aim to work on the core issue (emotional, physical, mental, and/or spiritual) thereby eliminating the symptoms.

Talk Story
Your journey begins with traditional Hawaiian style Talk Story; we will consult about your areas of concern (what you would like to heal), identifying where you may be experiencing separation from wholeness, then discuss your willingness to release that perception and allow the healing to take place.

Divine Healing
Next, sit back and enjoy the experience as we connect you with the power of the Divine, taking your body, mind, spirit and emotions into a blissful state that connects you to a high level of healing energy. The healing experience can be very calming and soothing or very vibrant and energizing depending on you and what you are ready and willing to receive. The process is similar to Reiki, however, much more powerful.

By clearing, cleansing and renewing the seven layers of the seven energy centers (chakras) of the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, this technique removes the blockages between you and the Divine Source (Ke Akua) within you. Healing can take place in as little as one session if you are open to release and receive. As we tell our clients, we know this energy can heal any symptoms, however it is up to the client to allow the healing to take place.

After a Hawaiian Healing session you will have the opportunity to experience:
* Greatly reduced or eliminated symptoms of any dis - ease
* Transformation on body, mind, spirit, and emotional levels
* Inner feeling of calm and peacefulness
* Reconnection to your inner self
* Energy Centers (chakras) cleared, harmonized and balanced

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