Living From Ascension Consciousness – The New Norm!


On April 4th, there was a mass worldwide meditation. Did you participate? These meditations are always incredible because hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions of people participate. If you haven’t experienced one, I highly recommend it. The energy is usually amazing with that many people sitting in a higher vibration. One of the ads I saw about the meditation mentioned something about it being for ascension, but to be honest, I didn’t pay much attention to that.

It was scheduled to start at 7:45pm my time. Sure enough, I instantly felt the energy ramping up. It was instantly powerful, but I had no idea what I was about to experience.

I settled into the meditation and within a few minutes, I was shown a ring of people participating in the meditation. Between the people there were multiple streams of energy that looked like electricity. It looks like one of those balls where you place your hand on it and multiple electricity bands are attracted to your hand – but even more! It was quite amazing!

I keep meditating and was enjoying the energy and the vision of the people with the electricity, then suddenly a huge shaft of light came down into the center of the circle of people. Within a couple of seconds, some (not all) of us lifted up into a higher level vibrational circle. Here, I no longer saw the electricity, it was more like a band of golden energy that interconnected all of us. The huge golden shaft of light was still there.

I stayed in that space for some time and another shift happened. This time, again, some (not all) of us lifted up into another higher circle (still with the shaft of light in the middle). This time I looked around at the people and could see it was only master level beings here. The energy was incredible!

Again, we stayed in that space for awhile and then a 3rd shift happened. This time, we were lifted up again although this time all I saw was a huge ball of light. There was no separation of individuals, only light. Each time we moved up I could feel the energy getting higher and higher.

Last, we had one more shift. This time we/I lifted up into the void or nothingness. In that space, it is exactly as it is described…just nothing. It looks dark, but not like darkness (if that makes sense). It feels like nothingness. When we surged up to that space, I instantly heard laughter from myself and other individuals (although I couldn’t see them). In this state, nothing else exists. None of the chaos that we are experiencing here on earth. There is nothing to do, nothing to fix – so I think the laughter came from – OH YES! This is who we are…none of that stuff really exists. HA!

After the laughter, I felt a deep sense of peace. So deep it is hard to explain. I sank into that peace for awhile until I felt the energy of the meditation fade away. In total, the meditation lasted about an hour.

After the meditation, I spoke with a friend and she said she experienced the exact same thing! WOW! Then, I started thinking back to how the meditation was stated to be an ascension meditation – well, I guess they were right!! That was an ascension consciousness awakening for everyone including the planet!

Since that time, my energy has really shifted. I had a week of powerful energy blasting through me along with continued visions and experiences. It was an amazing week! I know it has also affected the earth and the people (collective consciousness). We may not see all of the signs of that yet, but it is there. I can feel it.

WANT TO EXPERIENCE ASCENSION CONSCIOUSNESS? This month for my healing/energy initiation, I feel called to take YOU through the same experience I had. The more we all carry these higher frequencies, the more peace and love we can bring to the whole of our experience here on earth! SOUND LIKE FUN? YOU KNOW YOU HAVE WORKED LIFETIMES TO GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO EXPERIENCE ASCENSION CONSCIOUSNESS. Join me and experience for yourself the calm, peace and love this heightened energy can bring to all areas of your life.

Living from Ascension
Healing and Awakening

with Kristi Stoll

When: April 30th, 2020
Time: 9am HI, 11am PT, 12pm MT, 1pm CT, 2pm ET (plan on about 60min)
Where: Attend from anywhere. Access will be by phone or web. If you can’t listen live, the replay will be available for 48 hours.

In this Divine Healing and Ascension Consciousness Awakening Experience we will:

  • Do 1 round of an Elevated Divine Healing to help you: 
    • Release all fears and energy blockages holding you back from reaching Ascension Consciousness!
    • Have your Energy Centers (chakras) Cleared, Harmonized and Balanced.
    • Receive Divine Healing on physical, emotional, mental and etheric levels to help greatly reduced or eliminate symptoms of any dis – ease.
  • ASCENSION CONSCIOUSNESS AWAKENING – I will walk you through, step by step, the same experience I had, lifting you up higher and higher into the different vibrations – through the master level, the light level and then into the nothingness and deep peace. THIS WILL BE INCREDIBLE!!


  • Loved class – very high energy! How are you going to top this one? 🙂
  • “I felt great energies flowing through me during the meditations.”
  • “Thank you for sharing this powerful energy!”
  • “It was a very powerful experience!”
  • “Oh my goodness!!!! It was really powerful!”
  • “I feel like I have been regenerated!”
  • “Yesterday’s healing was amazing. Best healing yet.”
  • “I haven’t felt this good in years.”
  • “While I was listening to the healing, it evolved into pain relief for my lower body joints!”
  • “Wow! Wonder if my feet will ever touch the ground again. Thank you for guiding me through a much needed healing. Was able to release so much as tears rolled down my face and now a feeling of euphoria.”
  • “Very powerful!”
  • “Filled with Love and Grace and Divine Healing!”

About Me…Throughout my life, after first being initiated into healing, I have often been lead to doing energy activations and clearing. Somehow I always know what to do even though it is not anything I’ve been taught. As a Kahuna (Hawaiian Shaman) I was given the name Alana which means To Awaken. Helping people and areas to Awaken is my innate specialty. The name I was given by Spirit is Ke’IoLani. When I asked what it meant for me, I was told, The Messenger of Heaven. So I offer you my connection to Heaven/The Divine/Oneness and I offer you my skill to help you to activate your true Divine Self and live from higher states of consciousness. Imagine how different your life can be living from your True Divine State. Join me and find out! 


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