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Sacred Divine Crystal Angels


'Anela Aloha Ao
(Angel of Love and Light)

Born from a vision I was given from the Angelic Realm, I'm excited to share my new Healing Crystal Angels with you!

Each Angel is made with genuine Swarovski crystals and is infused with powerful Divine Energy to assist you with:

* Connecting with the Pure Love of the Angels to bring Peace on Body, Mind, Emotional and Spirit levels.
* Connection with the Angels that surround you and their Divine Energy and Guidance.
* Assistance in filling your life with the Love and Light of the Angels.

Each comes with:

* One Crystal Angel: Only 6 Rainbow Angels left (actual size: about 2 1/4 inch tall). Made with genuine Swarovski crystals.
* Each Crystal Angel has been hand infused with Powerful Energy in the vibration of Love and Light especially for you.
* A special instruction card to guide you in connecting with your Angels.
* A personal message from the Angels (this is a communication directly from the Angelic Realm. Many people find this to be quite profound for them).

Ways to use your Healing Crystal Angel:

* First and foremost do the exercise on the card to activate her Loving Divine Energy for you.
* Keep her in a sacred place such as an altar and reconnect with her daily.
* Carry with you to feel connected to the Love/Divine Vibrationat all times.
* Give to a friend in need of Love/Divine Vibration from the Angels.
* Hang in a room or office in need of the Divine Love and connection to the Angels.
* Your Crystal Angel is also a suncatcher and can be hung near a window to reflect out her Divine Love and Light.

Cost: $49


About Kristi: Kristi is a Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher/Coach and author holding master level certifications in several Vibrational Healing modalities including Ancient Rainbow (ARCH) and I'O (Divine Source) Healing (plus others). She has been initiated as a Hawaiian Kaula (prophet or seer), and was certified as Kahuna (Shaman/expert) Alana - Kahuna of Awakening in 2011. Before this she was a Reiki Master for 15 years. Kristi reached the conscious state of Oneness in 2008 and now helps raise the consciousness of people to assist them in remembering who they really are and to support them in creating what they wish for in life. She is the co-author of the book, The Road to TeenVision, How to Find Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams for teens/tweens.

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