DREAM IT and CREATE IT – ebook

by Kristi Stoll and Gidget Clayton

DREAM IT and CREATE IT – How to Find Your Passion and Realize Your Dreams is a very empowering book for Teens and Tweens. It offers step-by-step guidance to readers on how to accomplish a dream and share their special talents with the world, plus introduces them to 14 Teens/Tweens around the country who have succeeded at an idea or dream themselves. Its message is very inspiring and encourages young people to start thinking about how they can accomplish a dream – not only in the future, but today!

Originally published by Beyond Words Publishing in paperback form under a different title, our book is now available in ebook and kindle versions updated with several additional photos of our interviewed kids in action!

Also included is a workbook chapter as well as a chapter of resources dedicated to helping your Teen move forward.

DREAM IT and CREATE IT’s intention is to empower young people to know who they are, and what brilliant, special gifts they have to share with the world – so that they can grow up with the self esteem they need to achieve whatever they dream possible.


Wow. Who knew a children’s book could help an adult
COOL, but not at first because my teacher made us read it. I like it now though.
I’ve been reading it at night with my 12 year old daughter. We both love it – thank you for personalizing such a special message for her.

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