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  • Joseph thathews

    Yes i wanted to know that i have the healing ability… as a teacher of Yoga., Mudras…ect i can perfect myself. Thank u.

    • Healing.admin

      You are very welcome. Sounds like you are in the right field 🙂

  • Pauline bunn

    All 15 are strongly presant in me..
    I’m excited to see what the future holds

    • Amber

      I resonate strongly with each one and am on a journey to develop and use my skills

  • Lizzie

    All of these signs are relevant to me

  • Donna

    I feel all of them and don’t really know what to

    • Healing.admin

      Aloha Donna, have you ever thought of taking any healing courses?

  • Max

    Thank you, almost all applied to my life

  • Tee

    Everything is me

  • Gulfidan Rose Top

    Since I was a kid I always dreamed about other people future which very important life changing events like traveling accidents , getting married with whom, buying new house even I was in the house seeing every inches, many many more .so many people think I have a angel look and voice ❤️👼i am a introspective Hypnoses and QHHT practitioners and I love love helping people ❤️🥰 Thank you so much for this article.

  • Hasina

    Yes I have all 15 signs my hands always hot my feet and forehead.. I’ve had all of those but will take notice..

    Thank you ❤️

  • Victoria Siler

    I’ve all 15 but then I knew I would lol really though I did …and I’m happy to have the confirmation of these words to inspire me and validate ..Thank you so much

  • Shelley

    I do identify with a lot of this !

  • Maryjane

    Bless you so many healers incarnating now x x nice to know your helping them realise namaste x

    • Healing.admin

      Aloha Kimberley, have you ever thought of taking any healing courses?

  • Thanks so much for this article xx it’s been given that this is my life.
    Ancient time ; Egypt. Golden pyramids and getting kicked out by some wannabe mother.. chased through the base and out for people who wanted my black starred crown. The knowledge I have. It was weird. Feeling so connected to a mummy woman they found that got scratched right out of history.
    I’ll find out more. I know I will ☆♧

    • Healing.admin

      Wow! Great job tuning in…past lives play much more of a role on our lives than most people know.

  • Monica Moberg

    Beautifully stated dear friend,
    May all the blessings of the universe be upon you today.
    Feel my strong angel wings surround you with unconditional love


    • Healing.admin

      Thank you for such a beautiful message! Received 🙂 <3

    • Healing.admin

      Thank you for the beautiful message Monica! Many blessings to you as well!

  • Susan taylor

    When I’m around people with cancer even if they don’t know they have it my sinuses get blocked

    • Healing.admin

      Interesting. I have a friend who can “smell” when people have cancer. So what do you do when that happens?

  • Ann Hagon

    Very true and very interesting love healing

  • Jennifer

    You just described me to the fullest I’d like to learn more

    • Healing.admin

      Aloha Jennifer, have you ever thought of taking a healing course?

  • Kathleen

    I believe I have been drawn to this sight for a reason. Have been a Reiki therapist for 25 years as well as a Reiki Master Teacher. Also worked in home care. I hope to learn from others. Hello to all.

    • Healing.admin

      Aloha Kathleen, thank you for the message. Hello and Blessings. Great job sharing your healing gifts!

  • Patricia Arcia

    I have all these gifts and feel them getting stronger as i get older. I would love to learn how to strengthen them. I have had spirits follow me all my life. My children have that gift also. I feel people needing me or going to contact me just as it happens. Im a true peacemaker and take people under my wing always. Premanitions i always have.

    • Healing.admin

      Aloha Patricia, Thank you for sharing! I have some upcoming classes you may be interested in. I will place you on my email list if you are not already on. 🙂

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