Healing Wounds of the Heart

Healing Wounds of the Heart

We are all in human bodies so we have all experienced wounds of the heart. For many, these wounds start early – in the first 5-6 years of life. Then, we spend the rest of our lives adding to those wounds (and the messages they created) with new people as well as working on trying to heal them. It isn’t until we are able learn the lesson for the wound that we are able to break the cycle of repeating the experience.

You have probably had that experience at least once in your life where you just suddenly decided, enough was enough and you changed a circumstance that was no longer working. That is what I am talking about here. In that moment, you got the message and the lesson. On some level, you were done feeling bad or repeating a pattern and decided to create a new reality.

So how do you go about Healing those deep wounds? With deep wounds, usually our lessons for what we are meant to learn in this LIFETIME (Life Lessons) are connected to them. When they are life lessons, you will see them reoccur over and over again until you “get it and decide to create something new.” So that means, in order to truly heal them, you have to look at them – look them straight in the face (stop hiding from them) – and uncover what the purpose is for the experience/wound.

For example, look at your childhood experiences. Is there any one/first experience that sticks out – and still gives you a knot in your stomach – when you think about it?

  1. What was the experience? I would encourage you to write it down. What was your perception of the experience? Write everything you remember about it.
  2. Next, how did that experience make you feel? Tune into your feelings about the experience. Write those down.
  3. Now, what beliefs/perceptions about life did you get out of that experience and consequential feelings?
  4. How has this belief/perception affected you throughout your life? What has it stopped you from doing? What limitations has it caused?
  5. What lesson do you think you are meant to learn from this?
  6. Look back at the experience with “adult” eyes. What are some other perceptions you could gather from it?

When you look at the feelings and beliefs you developed from the experience, you can find the lesson that is associated with that experience. For example, maybe you were verbally, mentally or physically abused in your childhood. The feeling you may have gotten could be that you felt shut down, small, insignificant, unheard, wrong, unworthy, unloved. The belief you may have gotten from that experience could be: You are unloveable; You don’t deserve better relationships; You can’t speak your truth; You don’t deserve love.

Now look at the message/perception you attained and look at what lesson may be associated: You are lovable. You deserve healthy, supportive, loving relationships. Time to speak your truth. You deserve love. You are good enough and are worthy!

Another helpful exercise to do is to look at it from different eyes. You can get stuck in the perception of the experience of the child. Look at it now with a different perspective. What else do you see? In the example of being abused, often times people who are really hurt are the ones who hurt people. Is there a new perspective you can gain from looking at it differently that can assist you in letting go of the hurt and pain the experience caused you? If you can pull yourself out of being a victim and start to look at your experiences in terms of what you are meant to learn, you take the energy back in your control where you can start to create a new reality. If you stay in victim mode, they/the situation controls you and you are helpless. See the difference?

Does any of this resonate with you? We all have life lessons we come here to earth to learn. The people that are a part of the experience that gets us to that perception were hired by us to help us learn our lesson. They aren’t the villains in our lives. They are the souls who volunteered to play a role in your life to assist you in your learning and growing. Yes, the experience may have been hard and horrible. Yes, the person may have been equally as horrible. But on a SOUL level, that soul came here in a contract with you to assist you in this life. On a soul level, they came here because they love you and want to help you.

When you start to look at life in a way that looks at what each moment of your life is giving you the opportunity to learn, you are able to 1) Let go of the little things, 2) See there is a bigger picture/purpose for all of your experiences, and 3) More easily heal/learn from your experiences/limiting beliefs.

Next month, February, I am offering a Healing session that will include the whole body healing as usual, but will also include a special emphasis to help you to heal the heart wounds that are holding you back from truly being and doing everything you came here for.

Don’t let the pain of any experience in life hold you back any longer! It’s time to see those experiences for what they are and to learn the lesson associated with them. At the end of this life, do you want to look back and see that you did everything your soul came here to do? Or do you want to look back and think, why did I allow that one experience to snowball into more hurtful experiences limiting me from truly being everything I know I am? It’s your choice and I can help you. Join me February 12th to heal your heart wounds and balance your energy on body, mind, emotional and spirit levels. And start this year off with a new perception and clearer energy to truly achieve what you want in life and to live in the state of mind of balance, strength and courage.