2018…A Year of Change

2018 a Year of Change…

2018 brought a lot of change for many people. It also brought a lot of turmoil. The energies of change are so strong right now. It is important to make sure you are keeping in touch with your true authentic self, taking time for just you, and also taking time to re-evaluate what is important to you.

For me, I feel like I have lived several lives in this one. I have lived several places, moved many times, made friends in different places and have chased many a dream. It has actually been a pretty fun and interesting life when I take a step back to take a look at it all. This last year was no different. As, for a few years, I have felt as though I was done on Maui – at least for awhile – and after waiting several years for clear guidance, I was guided to move back to the mainland – back to Southern CA.

So as this year starts, I am surrounded with newness and learning to get reacquainted with living on the mainland. I have also found myself looking at all the things I have done in my life, what I’m doing now and what I really want to be doing. I felt intense transformational energies coming in over the last month of the year and now seem to be looking at life through different eyes. It’s amazing that on this spiritual path, sometimes even though you know major energies are coming through, you aren’t quite sure how it will affect you until you get out the other end.

I know many others also seem to be in a place of transformation – many not really knowing what they want to be doing, or where they want to live. They may feel like things need to change, but aren’t quite sure how or way. If this is you and guidance isn’t clear for you right now, hold tight. Be patient. It could be that you are just in the midst of change within in a way that you may not be fully aware of. Don’t try to force things. Sit with it. Make sure you take time for you. Meditate. Connect with Spirit. Ask for guidance. When all of this transformational energy is coming through, the last thing you want to do is try to force things or allow yourself to be uncentered. It can be maddening.

So as the dust settles and as this new year begins, take inventory on you, your feelings, what you feel about what you are doing, and with whom you are surrounding yourself. What changes are you wanting to make? What changes are you willing to make? How can the universe assist? Ask, release it to the universe and be patient. Know that changes are taking place in ways you may not see. On your end, get clear about what it is you want to be creating in the world and in your world. Remember, you are a co-creator in this earthly experience. So now is the time to wake up so you can co-create the ride!

Here’s to a Magical, Fun, Creative, Abundant New Year to all of us. Let’s hold each other and the world in the energy of Love, Kindness and Happiness.

With Love
Many Blessings