Complete Master Healing Course Sept 19 - Oct 17

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Introducing the Complete Master Healer Course Package

This program will give you all the tools you need to become the Healer you know you were born to be:

* 4 Meditations/4 Increasing Levels of Energy Initiations and Clearing (1 per week): 
--- Find the lifetime where your gift started and get re-initiated to the energy, wisdom and knowledge.
--- Clear energy that blocks you.
--- Have a pineal gland activation to open 3rd eye.
--- Learn what the healing is called and how it is done.
--- Receive information for how to do your healings on others, self and long distance.
--- Clear core blocks. 
--- Meet a Master Healer Spirit Guide for help.
--- Reactivation/Initiation to the Mastery Level of Your Gift
--- Learn how to Teach your Healing to others.
--- Be permanently connected to your Master Healer Energy column.
* Template/Outline for your Healing Manual that you can fill out along the way.
* Be introduced to your manual in the meditations.
* Receive a Master Level Healer initiation from me and your guides nightly for 30 nights!
--- I work with you at night to help your spirit connect with and reactivate your abilities - this part of the package is unique and priceless and can help you move forward with your healing in ways not usually possible.
* 3 month online review/support through our private community.
* Healing Session Checklist
--- How to make your healing sessions a success
* Printed instructions for connecting to your Master Healer column.
* Suggestions and recommendations for practicing your healings.
* Examples of my experiences along the way to help guide you.
* Guidance for what to do when obstacles arise.

I have taught this class now for the last 3 years with INCREDIBLE results! Every student accessed unique styles of powerful healing that even surprised them. Better yet, they expanded their abilities, their confidence and their consciousness! What are you waiting for? Join me today in this fun adventure today!

DATES: Sept 19 - Oct 17:
--- Complete course to help you reactivate your Innate (Soul Vibration) of Healing, clear blocks and learn to use it on yourself and others!
--- Receive all the above mentioned and more!
--- Participate from anywhere - materials will be emailed to you each week.

LIMITED AVAILABILITY - Space is limited and I will only offer this course once (possibly twice - but that isn't for sure) this year. So if you are interested, find a way to participate now!

Fee: $1999 or $1699 if registered by Sept 13. (Payment plans available - please email me for details)

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