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"Wow! Wonder if my feet will ever touch the ground again. Thank you for guiding me through a much needed healing. Was able to release so much as tears rolled down my face and now a feeling of euphoria."

"I loved the last healing. The work with me the night before was very strong and the day of the healing was excellent. I haven't felt this good in years. I forgot what it was like to breath so easily."

"Very powerful!"

"Filled with Love and Grace and Divine Healing!"

This is what participants are saying about the Hawaiian Healing Experience! Now, it's your turn. What can you experience?

Hawaiian Healing Experience
With Kristi

When: Dec 18
Time: 11am PT, 2pm ET (45-60min)
Where: Attend from anywhere. Access will be by phone or web. If you can't listen live, the replay will be available for 48 hours

With this Healing you have the opportunity to experience:
* Release energetic blockages
* Greatly reduced or eliminated symptoms of any dis - ease
* Renewal on body, mind, spirit, and emotional levels
* Calm, Centeredness and Peace
* Alignment with Divine Higher Self
* Energy Centers (chakras) cleared, harmonized and balanced.
* Strengthening of your body's natural ability to Heal

This powerful Ancient Healing modality has been passed down over the centuries through a lineage of Hawaiian Healers. Ancient Hawaiians believed that dis - ease occurs when the mind perceives separation from wholeness, or Oneness, with the Divine. During your healing experience we help clear energy blocks and give you an opportunity to return to wholeness where healing can occur emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

NOTE: Last time I did this group healing, I had one participant, whom after suffering for over 1 year with severe back pain and leg weakness due to a terrible illness, experienced the ability to get out of bed with very little difficulty and significantly reduced back pain (the morning after I worked with him on causal plane but BEFORE the healing). The next day he reported experiencing physical strength and mobility he had not seen since he became ill a year earlier. Other people reported truly benefiting from the powerful healing energy.

What can you experience with a Hawaiian Healing session? Join me and find out!

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