Ancient Hawaiian Healings

Passed down from Ancient times through a
lineage of Hawaiian Kahuna (Shaman) and
brought into this modern day, this Energy Healing techniqe is a gift of immense transformative power used to cleanse
and renew emotional, physical and
spiritual bodies.

Balance, Harmony, Healing
The Ultimate Experience of Returning to Self

Discover New ways to Feed your Spirit!

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"Wow!  Wonder if my feet will ever touch the ground again. Thank you for guiding me through a much needed healing.  Was able to release so much as tears rolled down my face and now a feeling of euphoria."

"Very powerful!"

"Filled with Love and Grace and Divine Healing!"

This is what participants are saying about the Hawaiian Healing Experience! Now, it's your turn. What can you experience? 

Hawaiian Healing Experience 
With Kristi 

When: Wed. August 29th
Time: 11am PT, 2pm ET (45-60min)
Where: Attend from anywhere. Access will be by phone or web. If you can't listen live, the replay will be available for 48 hours

With this Healing you have the opportunity to experience:
  • Release energetic blockages
  • Greatly reduced or eliminated symptoms of any dis - ease 
  • Renewal on body, mind, spirit, and emotional levels 
  • Calm, Centeredness and Peace
  • Alignment with Divine Higher Self
  • Energy Centers (chakras) cleared, harmonized and balanced.
  • Strengthening of your body's natural ability to Heal
This powerful Ancient Healing modality has been passed down over the centuries through a lineage of Hawaiian Healers. Ancient Hawaiians believed that dis - ease occurs when the mind perceives separation from wholeness, or Oneness, with the Divine. During your healing experience we help clear energy blocks and give you an opportunity to return to wholeness where healing can occur emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.

What can you experience through this Hawaiian Healing Experience? Join me and find out!

** SPECIAL PRICE OF $99 (Reg $165)


What is the Belief behind Holistic Medicine such as ours?

The difference between western (allopathic) medicine and energy healing or holistic / alternative medicine is that in western medicine they work to treat a physical symptom. In holistic or alternative medicine, we know that a physical symptom is only a sign to get your/our attention that an imbalance has been going on for sometime. Most imbalances actually start out on an emotional/mental level and can create blockages/pain in the physical body. So in our work, we first work with you to get to that core imbalance, then work to help balance your energy on all levels emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually thereby helping to eliminate the physical symptoms.

If you would like to hear more about a session or
have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

Note: We now have healers on both Maui and Oahu!!
AND most of our products
and services can be received anywhere!


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